About Me

Alessandro Canova was born in Bologna in 1965.
He has been a professional photographer since 2000 and after having had a commercial activity in the sector, today he works as a free lance.

He collaborates on a permanent basis with photographic studios, communication agencies, graphic studios, companies and individuals, performing various types of services.

In 2007 he began a photographic project on Bologna, building an archive of images that led him to develop various collaborations with institutions, businesses and companies to enhance the territory.

Thus was born the idea of producing a line of art postcards dedicated to his city.
At the same time, it has been carrying out a photographic reportage project on ancient craftsmen’s trades since 2009.

In his work team he is supported by photographers, video makers and professional printers.


Mobile phone 333 4833172
Email alessandro@alessandrocanova.com
Web alessandrocanova.com