Old Jobs

The possible rebirth

There are more and more jobs that, driven by modern technologies, must give way to the times and other productive activities, apparently more profitable, or more in line with new consumption. The abandonment of these ancient activities produces a serious cultural injury, causing socio-economic and occupational damage

But are some ancient trades really disappearing due to a real lack of economic perspective?

The passion for the things you do, the creative manual that shapes and transforms the material, the artisan skill, the ideological distance from the serial

All of this is not obsolete, nor overcome by technologies . Protecting the resource (knowledge / experience) deriving from the past and enhancing it in a modern context

Do not lose these (ancient) trades also passes, probably, for their inclusion / enhancement within a broad and credible project of territorial policy, also verifying hypotheses of collaboration between media / big business and craftsmanship

A heritage of absolute value that only waits to be able to express itself

In short, to defend man’s well-being and beauty