Street Dogs

The bond that is created between a dog and its owner goes far beyond mere company. In most cases he becomes a member of the family.

He is the first to greet us when we get home, the last to greet us when we go to work, and sometimes even our most faithful confidant after a bad day.

“A dog does nothing with expensive cars, big houses or designer clothes … A rotten stick is enough for him. A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, bright or clumsy, clever or stupid… If you give him your heart, he will give you his. How many people can the same be said? How many people can make you feel unique, pure, special? How many people can make you feel… Extraordinary?”
(from the movie Marley & Me)

Much has been written about the special relationship that binds pets and their owners, I am convinced that I cannot add anything .. written ……. therefore:

Good vision!!


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