The treasures of Emilian cuisine. The secret ingredient? The family

The treasures of Emilian cuisine

The secret ingredient? The family


Grandma, grandma, when did you learn to “pull” the dough? I was small, I was about your age.

Unique raw materials, an art and a wisdom handed down from generation to generation: food in Emilia Romagna is not just a food but also entrepreneurship and above all “family”.

The meal as a moment of sharing and love, food as an element of unity and value to be handed down. Companies made by women and men who, for several generations, gather around the food and work, strengthening, if possible, even more the sense of the family, making the products of Emilian cuisine an excellence in the world and that find, in the tradition family, the common ingredient.

In this region, excellent culinary and business realities have existed that have existed for centuries.
The examples are known to many: Bologna, with its pasta, Modena, balsamic vinegar, Reggio Emilia with Parmesan and Grana Padano, just to name a few.



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