A kiss?

“A kiss, in short, what is a kiss? A pink apostrophe between the words
“I love you” … “, would reply the French poet and playwright Edmond Rostand.

The kiss, a manifestation of love in a couple. Which pair? Boyfriends,
lovers, friends, children or other …

Kissing is an instinct, an impulse that comes from deep inside and that unites almost everyone
men of many cultures.

On the street, yes the road, it is always there that everything happens, that the world is revealed and yes
lets observe ……….

But observe what, if not ourselves, a famous director wrote.

The same things are always repeated, the actors, the places, the moments change
dynamics are the same and the actors? Always us.

Pablo Neruda wrote: “In a kiss you will know everything that has been silenced”.

Kisses speak and what they can communicate is infinite, first of all precisely
the love. It’s those kisses full of affection, care, empathy … those kinds of kisses that
share with loved ones or those you bond with

But, among many others, there are kisses that we can define negative, false kisses, traitors:
“Judas, are you betraying the Son of man with a kiss?” so said Jesus Christ. There
there are still those “forbidden” kisses, which should never have been supposed to
exchange but to which it seems impossible to resist.

Whatever the meaning of a kiss, I think the point is right
this: give it meaning.

Before deciding to start and “look for” the actors, some unaware, others
accomplices, I had never noticed how many people kissed around us.

In these shots I collected the ones that most impressed me.

So thanks to all the protagonists !!


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